About Us

Finance Pass is a professional eLearning company serving the finance and investment industry. We are providers of CISI Condensed Exam Booklets, high quality, easy to digest, stand-alone study notes principally for the professional examinations set by the Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment (CISI), with future plans to cover the Chartered Financial Analyst Institute (CFA) and the Investment Management Certificate (IMC) examinations.

    What are CISI Condensed Exam Booklets ?

    • Condensed version of the approved course booklet
    • Reduction in word count of about 50 – 75%
    • Succinct, easy to read and digest in a few days
    • Captures all required content
    • Frequently examined sections clearly identified
    • Proven success in the examination room
    • Affordable cost

    Download a sample here.

    The approved course workbooks are usually the most detailed source of information for these examination programmes, however, they are often lengthy, commonly being several hundred pages long, this can make final exam preparation difficult without the reader making time-consuming notes to remember the relevant information. Existing third party course study material offered in the market often comes at a significant additional cost.

    There is a demand for a reasonably priced, high quality, succinct set of notes which condense all the relevant knowledge into an easy-to-digest format that can be read through in less than a few days. This is the service that Finance Pass now provides. 

    Finance Pass publications are of the highest quality, all CISI Condensed Exam Booklets have been rigorously vetted by experienced finance professionals and have been tried and tested in the examination room. When used in conjunction with past exam papers these are a powerful exam preparation resource.

    We always have access to the latest approved course workbooks and our CISI Condensed Exam Booklets are always current. We receive continual feedback from customers as to improvements and recommendations for future publications.

    We are committed to enhancing our customers’ learning experience and assisting them in achieving their professional goals.